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I begin by photographing the natural world. I choose subjects and employ techniques which lead to quite painterly images. Often, I add a layer of graphic elements – dots, lines and other shapes – which draw colour from the photography. Other times, I combine photographs of different places to create new ‘imaginary landscapes’. My work owes a debt to Op Artists like Bridget Riley, abstract painters like Jackson Pollock, landscape photographers like Ansel Adams and to code-writing artists like John Maeda.

The artworks are playful and colourful. Almost as though seeing through the eyes of a curious robot who is studying the natural world, the viewer is encouraged to observe the beauty of nature afresh, and to contemplate the tension between our digital age and the planet.

I studied in London at Central Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art and I divide my time between brand design, art and music. I live and work in London and sometimes Amsterdam.